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Twin Screw Cascade Extruders and Lines for flat PVC, PP sheet and profile.� Full range of Single Screw Extruders. Up to and including 70mm with direct coupled motor (no gearbox).

Granulate Dryers both hot air and desiccant types.

Moulds for Pipe Fittings in PVC, PE etc.

A complete range of Rubber Extruders for tyres, profiles, hoses etc for automotive and� most of the rubber industry.� Complete Production lines for all rubber products, including hot air, microwave and salt bath curing systems.� All lines or individual� machines can be computer controlled.� A complete range of plastic and rubber cable lines.

Also Downstream equipment for plastics and rubber hose and profile lines including automatic coilers (Unicor Range).

Complete range of Dosing Units both volumetric and gravimetric for granulate and powder from 0.07 - 2,400 kg/hour.�

Mixing Stations, Throughput Measuring Systems and simple to operate Control Units for extruders and injection moulding machines.


Extruder screw and barrel refurbishment.

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